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When did you start writing?

In January 1993, I decided to find out who, what and why I believe in Jesus

Christ. I understood my need to be forgiven for sin and gave my life to
Christ when I was nine; but I really did not understand what all this meant
until I began to develop a personal relationship with Christ during 1993.

For the entire year, I actively began trying to understand what this
personal relationship meant by studying the Bible, attending Bible Study
(twice a week), Church Services (twice on Sunday), Christian conferences and

revivals, and watching selected Ministries on television. One of the thing
I learned was that there are different levels in spiritual maturity and that

on these different levels, new revelations of spiritual truths are possible.

In December, 1993, God allowed me to receive a spiritual gift of speaking
to Him in another language. Shortly, there after I woke up early one
morning with the gift of poetry. This gift was released as I matured in
understanding spiritual things. I have been talking with and writing God's
Inspired Words since that day.

What is the purpose of Spirit Inspired?

The purpose of Spirit Inspired products is to share the revelation of God's
love, purpose and encouragement to those having similar challenges walking
the Christian life. The goal is also to express and foster the desire and
appreciation of true Christian fellowship. I believe Spirit Inspired is
God's way to remind us that the focus of our lives and relationships are to
seek and obey His plan for our lives, and that though we are not perfect,
His love is, and His love is eternal, always available.

How did you get from writing to publishing to producing Greeting Cards?

I was blessed! In 2003, my mentor encouraged me to do something with my
poems. I mentioned this to a friend whose sister previously worked for a
major greeting card company. I e-mailed her one of the poems, and mentioned
that I was interested in producing them as greeting cards. She sent a
greeting card draft with the poem on the cover, the scripture reference on
the inside right and the one-liner word of encouragement on the left. This
draft proved the possibilities and opportunities for these poems to bless
others, and we developed, produced, and printed 16 cards in three months in
time for the Atlanta Mart Trade Show! Achieving this challenging feat was a
blessing and was nothing but God at work so that His word could bless
others! During these three months, I did a lot of research on the greeting
card industry by contacting the Greeting Card Association
www.greetingcard.org. I also worked with SCORE -
http://www.scoreatlanta.org/Index.htm for business and financial guidance.

Is Spirit Inspired all your work or do you accept writing for other

Spirit Inspired is all my work. I do not accept writings from other authors,

and all e-mails and regular mail unsolicited writings are not read. Spirit
Inspired also does not accept unsolicited graphics.

Do you do consignments?

At this time, Spirit Inspired will not be doing consignments, but we are
open to working with Retailers regarding payment.

Do you do poetry readings?

Yes, I do poetry reading upon request. Please e-mail me at



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